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LX: May 20, 2016
There was a bug in SameGame rendering it unplayable in at least Firefox and Chrome. I fixed that now.

LX: August 05, 2012
After 10 years switches the lights out - via a new game. For each of the 52 levels you can compete with others on the high score list.

LX: July 29, 2007
A bug in the calculation of SameGame scores that has been known for quite a while was finally fixed today (thanks to g-hei for doing research on the problem). Older scores are therefore not comparable to the correct calculation of current scores, hence I reset the highscore list again.

The run for best scores is reopened.

LX: November 06, 2006
Not every submitted score on our page was reached in a legal way, especially at SameGame. Hence I upgraded its highscore system today.

I followed a suggestion by Darse Billings (thanks to him again). Apart from the randomly generated games (for which no more highscores can be submitted) there are 20 predefined games to choose. The games 1-10 are randomly distributed, 11-15 have an equal distribution of 45 fields per color and games 16-20 have one color dominating each.

The submitted scores are checked for their validity. I hope now the run for the highscores gets a bit more interesting again.

LX: July 29, 2006
After almost 2 years a new game: RoadBlocks. Move the ball through the gate but that's not as easy as it sounds.

This game is a JavaScript clone of a Flash game by the same name by Michael Gagnon and Alex Withrow. You can play the original game on the RoadBlocks website here.

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